A symphony of hammers

Summer 2007
Takahiko Endo, Makoto Fujiwara, Shiiko Iwaki, Per Schou-Hanssen, Klaus Herbrich, Andrea Hofbeck, Paul Hoffmann, Hideaki Kobayashi, Alois Lindenbauer, Stephan Obermayer, Christian Ruckdeschel, Ricardo Sohn

Klopfsymphonie 2007
Takahiko Endo – Japan
Makoto Fujiwara – Japan
Shiiko Iwaki – Japan
Per Schou-Hanssen – Norway

Klaus Herbrich – Germany
Andrea Hofbeck – Germany
Paul Hoffmann – Germany
Hideaki Kobayashi – Japan
Alois Lindenbauer – Austria
Stephan Obermayer – Germany
Christian Ruckdeschel – Germany
Ricardo Sohn – Germany

Winter 2010
Daisuke DD, Makoto Fujiwara, Rytuaro Fujie, Paul Hoffmann, Jasmin Hurst, Shiiko Iwaki, Elisabeth Reichegger

Klopfsymphonie 2010
Daisuke DD – Japan
Makoto Fujiwara – Japan
Ryutaro Fujie – Japan
Paul Hoffmann – Germany
Jasmin Hurst – Germany
Shiiko Iwaki – Japan
Elisabeth Reichegger – Austria

The background sounds of these pages emerged from this symposium. They are the original sounds of many people working together on stone with their hammers and chisels; sounds that are always surprisingly comforting.