Symposium Norge is a happening where selected artists and sculptors from all over the world are invited to make non-figurative art of larvikite. The first Symposium Norge was held in 1985, and it was Makoto Fujiwara who initiated the idea of arranging a symposium in the Larvik quarries. Makoto Fujiwara came to Norway in 1982 and immediately fell in love with the stone and the quarries. He saw great potential in the stones that were unfit for commercial production. Makoto Fujiwara had experience from several of Karl Prantl´s symposia in Austria, and with the support of Thor Lundh, Sven Roenne and Knut Wold the first symposium in Larvik were a reality.
After the first Symposium Norge, Karl Prantl said: “Let us believe in a labrador (larvikite) culture in Norway”. For more than 35 years the Symposium Norge has been held regularly in the quarries around Larvik. More than 90 artist and sculptors have been participating together with Makoto Fujiwara during these years. The words of Karl Prantl became a reality and laid the foundation of the creative environment and culture around the rough and yet beautiful larvikite material. See all participants here