The winter 96 Symposium was the preparation week for the summer event. A special abandoned part of the Storås quarry was chosen to be the site were renowned architects, landscape architects, geologists and sculptors, together with the stone industry should create the future Symposium site, and also a site for modern dance, music and theatre. The fate of the largenumber of blocks taken out of the Larvik Mountains is decided through the hands of architects and planners. The plan for this Symposium was unfortunately later to be dropped.
Knut Wold

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk – Norway
Claes Hake – Sweden
Einar Dahle – Norway
Ulrik Hellum – Norway
Silvia Makita – Italy
Uta Prantl – Austria
Karl Prantl – Austria
Martin Kuhn – Germany
Makoto Fujiwara – Japan
Jan Olav Jensen – Norway
Robert Greenwood – England
Margrethe Friis – Norway
Knut Wold – Norway

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